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August 2009 Volume 5, Number 1
New Products
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New Products

Radio Frequency Systems Introduces CELLFLEX Lite – An innovation in transmission lines
CELLFLEX Lite is the world’s ultimate, evolutionary, corrugated aluminum transmission line, and the lightest RF transmission cable on the market today. The light weight design coupled with its single and multiple bending radius capabilities, allow fast installation and make it ideal for congested tower-top applications. It is available in the most popular sizes - ½”, ⅞”, 1-Ό”, 1-⅝” and the ultra flexible ⅞” and 1-Ό”. Any OMNIFIT connector (of the corresponding size) will fit will fit any RFS transmission line product perfectly, thus insuring no risk of error in the field during installation.

MULTIPLIER – since 1972 has been a major manufacturer of quality rechargeable batteries for Two-Way LMR, pager, wireless, medical & diagnostic and custom battery applications, supporting battery products for the OEM customer base.

Has recently introduced the Ultralast Universal Power Pack ULUPP, to charge cell phone, PDAs, GPS devices, digital cameras and many other, without having to use a power outlet to do so – if it has a USB port, you probably can charge it!. Attached you will find a specification sheet detailing the same.

VERTEX – has introduced the VX-230 series compact portable radio (VHF/UHF) with a long-lasting Li-Ion battery, as an upgraded (improved bandwidth, 4 scanning options, improved portability) replacement for the VX-160.

NEWMAR's recently introduced SPM-200 Site Power Monitor should be a welcome addition to the array of monitoring equipment in the market today. This monitor, with its numerous configuration possibilities, is ideal to monitor the prevailing conditions of virtually any remote site by diverse methods of communications.

SAMLEX - new addition to their fine line of power products is the A series of Solar Power Modules from 50 to 170 Watts which broadens their range of options to satisfy the needs of those communication projects your customers may have in isolated or remote areas.