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A community repeater is a repeater that uses multiple codes (either tone or digital) to separate users. This allows multiple businesses to share the repeaters' resources in a cooperative manner.

Many larger customers and facilities need a wider coverage area in order to conduct daily operations and this is where a repeater is typically used. The repeater will often be located on a large communications tower in a centrally located point. It is usually cost prohibitive for a small business to own and operate a repeater but some larger companies find this an excellent investment. For most companies a "community repeater" is a cost effective alternative.

These systems use radios that remain fixed on one channel. Each time a user wishes to talk, the channel must be monitored to avoid interrupting a conversation already in progress. These systems are typically only used for wide area communications.

The traditional Community Repeater system uses a multi-function CTCSS or DCS control panel to limit repeater access to authorized users.

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