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At WISCO we know that Systems are an important part of any telecommunication service provider�s menu. The broad array of systems offered by equipment manufactures today allow you to satisfy a wide range of needs, maybe even tap into areas of service that you had not thought of before.

Your customers are not all located in areas with the same geographic characteristics. Their companies work in different sectors, so their telecommunication�s infrastructure demands individual approaches. We have a solution for the small town without regular telephone systems; namely a Community Repeater System Fleets probably are a big percentage of your customer base; today�s Trunking Systems offer them sophisticated features geared to the ultimate goals of efficiency and reliability. Key employees and executives must be reachable at all times, and a Paging System is an affordable and dependable answer to this requirement. Sophisticated and highly secure operations will demand an AVL System for vehicle tracking and monitoring. A Scada & Telemetry System could reduce the cost of controlling remote unattended units.

Systems bring into play a new business model, periodic charges. These solutions are not a one-time sale, where you turn in the equipment to your client and they won�t come back until a part or a repair is needed. Instead, you have the option of selling the equipment or leasing it, but you charge a small monthly fee for whichever service you provide. 

Wisco is posed to walk along with you the entire systems� deployment path, from design and implementation to maintenance. Give us a call to get started in this profitable venture, don�t let the competition do it first.

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