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SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) and telemetry products use radio or wire line links to monitor and control remote sites from a system controller. Fluid levels, pressure, temperature, power, etc. and other transducer outputs are transmitted from remote sites back to a central display and controller.

The controller can also switch relay outputs at the remotes sites to start motors, open valves etc. Control is manually from a PC or display panel or automatically using the integrated system logic. Wireless SCADA and telemetry offers cost effective solutions to many remote automation applications.

SCADA systems are used not only in industrial processes: e.g. Manufacturing ,steel making, power generation (conventional and nuclear) and distribution, chemistry, but also in some experimental facilities such as laboratories research, testing and evaluation centers, nuclear fusion. The size of such plants can range from as few as 10 to several thousands input/output (I/O) channels. However, SCADA systems evolve rapidly and are now penetrating the market of plants with a number of I/O channels of several 100 K.


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