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Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) is an advanced method of remote vehicle tracking and monitoring. Each vehicle is equipped with an AVL unit that receives signals from the GPS satellites.

The GPS receiver determines its current location, speed and heading. This data can be stored  or can be directly  transmitted to an operating center. Current position can be displayed on a PC in digital maps.

Most popular Automatic Vehicle Location is based on GPS (Global Positioning System) and GSM (Global standard of mobile communication).

One of the primary benefits to a company using Automatic Vehicle Locating (AVL) systems is the ability to pinpoint the location of its drivers, vehicles, and cargo, but an AVL system can provide much, much more.


These systems can provide valuable vehicle usage data such as:

  • What time a vehicle starts.
  • How long it travels between each stop.
  • Maximum speed between points.
  • A street address location of where the vehicle stopped.
  • How long the vehicle was stopped at that location.
  • The route that was taken to go from stop to stop.

AVL systems can also monitor certain input/output functions such as how long a vehicle idles before the engine is turned off, when vehicle doors open or close, and when compressors or other equipment is used on a vehicle. More advanced systems can also keep track of oil pressure on remote vehicles or equipment as well as provide security features such as a warning when a vehicle or piece of equipment is moved from a certain location.

Basically, AVL technology acts almost like a flight recorder in your vehicle, and the data it provides will allow your company to work more efficiently.

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